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Lectures Accelerator Physics at TU Darmstadt (German)    

Saturday Morning Physics TU Darmstadt: Das CERN und seine Protonenschleudern 11/2004

Saturday Morning Physics TU Darmstadt: Der LHC Beschleuniger am CERN: Technologie an der Grenze des Machbaren 12/2008

Strahlpolarisation an Elektron-Positron Speicherringen Karlsruhe 7/2006


Visit "Graduiertenkolleg Physics and Technology of particle accelerators 2002":   Programme  Pictures  Text


Selected presentations on LHC general:

EPAC 2002         
SUSSP 2003  Lecture 1    Lecture 2     
KET 2003                   
Uni Wuppertal 2004 LHC

COMO 2005 LHC Status

Introduction to the LHC accelerator - presentation to students 12/2006       
HB-2006 LHC Status

Mainz Klausurtagung Bullay 2007  Lecture 1    Lecture 2     
Wolfgang Gentner PhD Programm
TU Darmstadt LHC Vorlesung February 2008 
Lecture AAPT 2008 for US teachers     
TU Darmstadt LHC Vorlesung Juni 2008     
Berlin Oktober 2008 Weltmaschine
LHC Vorlesung April 2008
LHC Hereaus Seminar, Bad Honnef, April 2009
Uni Bochum LHC Vorlesung Dezember 2009

TU Darmstadt LHC Vorlesung March 2010
TU Darmstadt  LHC Vorlesung April 2011

HASCO 2012: LHC - High Luminosity, UFOs and other surprises        
HB2012: LHC - Challenges in handling beams exceeding 140 MJ  

Selected presentations on Machine Protection   


Selected presentations on Risk and Dependability

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